What is FamilyTalk?

Family Talk is a free service for families. It records heartwarming conversations between grandparents and their grandchildren.

It is easy to do. All you have to do is to pick up the phone and chat for an hour. FamilyTalk does all the technical stuff.

The result is your very own recording of family members chatting and sharing stories. Yours to treasure. A wonderful keepsake for family and friends.

Can anyone do it?

Yes. FamilyTalk is a new nationwide initiative for ALL families to enjoy.
Audio chats are recorded for about an hour and connect UK families absolutely anywhere in Britain and overseas.
This service is completely free of charge. Just spend a few minutes to register your interest and we will do the rest.

All our audio interviews are GDPR privacy compliant.

Sounds great. How do we get involved?

Just follow the step-by-step instructions below. One of our trained biographers will get in touch and make all the arrangements. That’s it. It couldn’t be easier really.
1. START – You contact us either using the 'Contact Us' box below or by filling out a Consent Form (see link in menu bar).

2. HOW? – Our free audio recording service happens via landline, mobile or WhatsApp.

3. RULES & REGS – Please fill in our contact and GDPR privacy consent forms. They’re super easy to complete.

4. WHAT WE DO – Our audio service is inter-generational. So we record informal family chats between grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and nephews, mothers and daughters in Britain and overseas.

5. Q&A’s – Whoever is youngest is asked to create 15-20 questions they didn’t already know about their older family member. The older family member is given an advanced copy of these questions.

6. CONTACT – Our Trained Audio Producer (TAP) contacts both family members at a pre-arranged day and time.

7. BIG DAY – On the day of your recording please standby, your TAP will link you altogether and our Audio Engineer. The Audio Engineer is there to ensure best possible audio quality.
8. CREATING A LASTING KEEPSAKE – You now have one hour to sit back, relax and enjoy a heart warming, fun conversation with your family member. Our TAP will be there to help guide you both, should you need it.

9. “WETRANSFER“ – Within 24 hours our Audio Engineer will then send you an (unedited) copy of your recording thanks to a tech system called wetransfer. This recording is sent to your email address. Please look out for the name “wetransfer.”

10. DOWNLOAD – Please download your recordings within 7 days or as instructed by “wetransfer.”

11. NO EDITING – Please note that your family conversations will NOT have been edited by us.

12. YOUR FAMILY HEIRLOOM – You now have your very own keepsake for all the family to cherish for generations to come. It’s your precious family heirloom. Share it and make copies and please keep it safe.

Contact Us

More information about FamilyTalk

FamilyTalk is a registered Unincorporated Voluntary Group. It is a not for profit initiative and is run by a team of unpaid volunteers.

It was started during the Covid-19 lockdown to help bring families together at a time when the disease was keeping them apart.

All of our volunteers are fully trained. DBS vetted and cleared to work with children and vulnerable adults.

Find out more about FamilyTalk and how you can support its work by emailing hello@family-talk.co.uk
Family Talk is an Unincorporated Voluntary Group

Registered address: 25 Combemartin Road, Southfields, London SW18 5PP.